Artist Spotlight - Claudia Campagnol

Claudia Campagnol

Claudia Campagnol

32-year-old Claudia Campagnol is a super talent with a truly golden voice as well as a multi-instrumen- talist and composer of an extremely high calibre.

Claudia Campagnol was born in Hungary to parents who are both professional musicians. She sang before she could talk, and started playing the piano when she was 4. The whole family moved to Sweden, and by the age of 12 she could be seen “guesting” on her parents’ gigs in venues all around the country. After graduating from the University of Music in Malmoe, Claudia – then appearing as Claudia Dancs –rapidly established herself as one of the leading singers of her generation.

After several years of working in Sweden and around Europe, she settled in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she met and married the Swedish/Italian drummer, Niclas Campagnol. After taking time out following the birth of their son, Claudia is once again establishing herself as a world class artist.

In 2017, Claudia reached the final in Danish “Young Jazz” competition. She also contributed to the Italian artist Antonio Faraò’s latest album ‘Eklektik’, where she delivers an impressive vocal performance on two tracks.

Claudia’s sound is warm and soulful with inspiration from pop and R&B, and she is consistently delivering mature performances in a distinctive jazz style, while showcasing an impressive flair for improvisation. She has worked with international names like Stevie Wonder, John Blackwell, and Nils Landgren to name but a few. And world-class musicians Jimmy Haslip, Vinnie Colaiuta, and Gerard Presencer are guest starring on her long awaited debut album I'm Strong, set to be released in April 2019.

Claudia Campagnol has been selected to perform live with her band at this year’s ‘Danish Club Night’ showcase on April 27 at the annual Jazzahead! show in Bremen, Germany.

The story behind ALL THROUGH YOU

Claudia Campagnol once had the honor of singing backing vocals with a gospel choir at a Stevie Wonder show back in 2009. The experience inspired her a lot.

After a very long and hot summer day, Claudia arrived back home early in the morning, totally exhausted and ready to get some sleep. But the first thing she did, was to sit down by the piano, grab some paper and a pen, and the song 'All Through You' just burst out of her head, all at once.

Claudia believes that Stevie is a great influence on all musicians, and as long as they’re able to express themselves through art and dare to open up other people’s hearts by opening their own, writing tributes to their idols is essential, and a beautiful way to show gratitude and respect.

All Through You is about encountering someone you’ve admired for many years, and actually sitting right next to them, and having a conversation about God and music.

All Through You is the first single from Claudia Campagnol's forthcoming debut album I'm Strong

Claudia Campagnol - All Through You/I’m Strong

Claudia Campagnol - All Through You/I’m Strong